Explore the latest collection of gender neutral garments in muted colour palettes with minimal branding, and discover the meaning and processes involved in its methodical creation:

Starting at the beginning of the design process, we knew the fabrics used within this collection had to align with our goals for an Earth conscious line, whilst also maintaining the expected quality that Drop Dead is known for. The full collection is crafted from a blend of quality organic cotton and recycled polyester with the subtle embroidery details also being woven from a recycled thread and all aglets made from recycled plastics. We strongly believe that sustainabilty starts with quality, and NEUTRALS was designed to last every wardrobe rotation. It took a lot of sampling over the course of 12 months to achieve the feeling of quality that makes the garments not only comfortable but also long-lasting; we will never create pieces to be thrown away. We strive to be everything that is not fast fashion.

Within the production process, we took a careful look at each step and only used the most sustainable methods to create - the full line has been created using renewable energy generated from wind turbines. We also closely looked at the dyeing processes within fabric production - we removed all AZO dyeing processes, which cut back water usage by 50%. During the wash cycle we used eco-friendly enzymes to soften and finish the fabric ensuring it feels like your favourite vintage piece from first wear.

NEUTRALS will continue to grow and develop overtime, offering wardrobe solutions & easy pairings with our other lines that we will continue to release.