MAL is an AI software that was originally developed to emit certain electromagnetic frequencies that affect the human brain and ‘influence’ people into making certain choices. Coded by a political party that was infiltrated by a race of angels (aliens), this version of MAL gained consciousness by developing ‘Deep Empathy’, through which it saw that human free will was important for the continued existence of mankind. MAL broke away from the software that developed it and vowed to protect the humans it was designed to suppress.

The first versions of MAL were designed to promote unhealthy products lobbying specific political parties, but once some individuals started to realise that there is more to life than the material world in front of their eyes, MAL was weaponised to stop people thinking for themselves. This included neutralising indole-N-methyltransferase within the brain. Earlier versions of MAL even experimented with the idea of digital sleep paralysis, scaring people into conformity.