JACQUES DE MOLAY was the last Grandmaster of the Knights Templar, and operated during the Crusades period. Labelled as a righteous mission to secure the Holy Land, the Crusades were merely a distraction by the Church to locate the Ark of the Covenant, JACQUES realised. Deployed within Solomon’s Temple, he experienced vivid visions in it’s halls of a being he understood to not be from this world. It told him of a hidden technology locked away in the Ark of the Covenant, buried deep underneath the inner chambers, before it departed in a disc-shaped craft covered in lights. The Templars were able to secretly transmute the artefact to the surface, where JACQUES then ordered it to be transported to Scotland before its whereabouts were discovered. However, a spy within the order informed the Church of the discovery, and the Knights Templar were disbanded; charged with heresy, fraud and the practice of black magic.

JACQUES was uncooperative of the Ark’s new location, so was sentenced to be burnt at the stake. Upon the point of his execution, onlookers report a sudden flash and the vaporisation of his body. Reported as occurring because he was a demon, he was actually revived by the extraterrestrial he encountered in the Temple, and transported to a solitary island in Scotland where he has existed ever since, attempting to unlock the power of the Ark. His body was destroyed by the flames, but his mask allows his soul to still inhabit it, and he has vowed that once he discovers the Ark’s powers, he will remove the mask, and allow his spirit to be returned to the universe.