Originally from Utah, United States, FIFTEEN (born EZEKIEL) came from a family of modest cattle farmers. In 1984, when he was 15 years old, the ranch began to experience unexplained cattle mutilations, leaving the animals drained of blood and missing their eyes, tongues and genitals. On one of the nights that these occurred, FIFTEEN was abducted from the ranch. It soon became clear that his captors were extraterrestrial, as he was taken to a spacecraft that the became known to him as the ‘Mothership’, which he described as a“great cloud, and a fire infolding itself”. Onboard, he was heavily experimented on; his body was fused with new alien technology in an attempt to discover the connection between the body and the soul - more specifically to see if the two can be separated. During the experiments, the aliens became fearful as they observed his emotions, something they did not possess, and he was able to escape. Due to his cyborg structure, he was able to survive long enough in the outer layers of the atmosphere that he latched onto a meteor and was able to return back to Earth. The impact killed him however, but he was soon revived by SWITCH.

Whilst onboard the craft, he had became aware of the extraterrestrials clear fascination with life on earth. Their mutilations were carried out to better understand the human dietary system, as they built a case study on Homo Sapiens. The aliens were incredibly technologically advanced, having knowledge of inter-dimensional travel, yet this specific race lacked the possession of a soul.