Monster Hunter

Washed Longsleeve

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Drop Dead Pest Control, Offering 04

Set in an alternative reality where insects, rodents and all manner of seemingly significant creatures become infected and grow to enormous sizes.

Pest Control teams are the only thing protecting the people from these evil mutated creatures. 

'Monster Hunter' long-sleeve has been created using 10 individual pieces of hand drawn artwork, w highlighted font in vomit green & added texture using the puff print process. The garment has been constructed using recycled materials. 

The design features a huge spider & cobweb on the back of the garment, referencing Shelob's Lair, LOTR. 

- Drop Dead oversized long-sleeve
- Design colour: washed grey
- 50% Recycled Viscose, 47% Recycled Polyester, 3% Lycra
- Unique distressing throughout, giving a vintage feel to the garment

- Caring for your clothes is caring for your planet
- Wash at 30 degrees
- Lower temperature washes increase the longevity of your garment by protecting the colour and structure of the fabric.
- Low temperature washes can help reduce your carbon footprint