Semen Ushkov


Meet Semen, one of our designers.

Born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Semen is the talent which has brought you some of your favourite products from Drop Dead Clothing over the past 2 years and has played a pinnacle point in leading collections through design.

His unique and identifiable artwork caught our eye in early 2021, and ever since then his work has featured in every Drop Dead collection. He is a core member of the design team and has worked on Summer ’21 (Wicca), Winter ’21 (Rival Schools), Summer ’22 (Angelslayers) & Winter ’22 (Dark Age).

In between these mainline collections, Semen’s work is seen throughout our capsule drops as well as across our social platforms, working with the social media team to create assets and content to be seen by the 800k followers we have on Instagram.

You can see more of his own artwork on his instagram SPACEHEADTR

Here are some of his favourite work for us: