Born over 11,000 years ago in the advanced city of Atlantis, orphaned OKUYAMA was forced to work as an airship pilot to make ends meet, in which he flew the city’s criminal underworld all over the region. The City used ‘Collective Consciousness Magic’, which they used to construct huge crafts and buildings that were powered by the inhabitants’ minds themselves. OKUYAMA could sense a growing tension however, within the people as well as the Earth. Atlantis began to experience huge earthquakes, and due to the city’s loose telekinetic structure, it began shift the very anatomy of it, moving whole buildings from one side of the region to the other. During the chaos, the once hyper-organised city began to spiral into a conceptual war field, causing power struggles to break out and see individual factions using their consciousness’ to control and ‘mind bomb’ certain areas. OKUYAMA was killed during one of these attacks, but his body was rescued and mummified shortly before a series of mega earthquakes opened a huge rift that flooded the city, killing everyone c. 9,564 BC.

11,000 years later, his body was resurrected by SWITCH in order to warn the living of the dangers of destroying one another. After the fall of Atlantis, human knowledge entered a dark age, and humans have since not been able to transcend to the next level of existence.